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We are Glam Boss Graphics (GBG for short) and we create digital tools & services to assist you in achieving abundance in your MK business! We are passionate about providing professional & affordable resources that will multiply your business so you can spend more energy connecting and less energy creating, more time with the IPAs and less time with the DIYS.

We offer a subscription-based Gallery Membership to our Graphics Gallery, giving you access to hundreds of tools to help you work and grow your MK business!

To access our Free Downloads, Gallery Tools, Shop our Drops or utilize our Services- you will need to create a free account.

What do you get with your gallery membership?

Our Gallery Members have full and instant access to our Gallery with over 3,000 digital downloads. We add in new downloads every Monday so our content is continuously growing! You will find downloadable business tools you can use to build your business both virtually and in-person! Your monthly membership gives you access to tons of recognition templates, invitations, party tools, packets, tracking sheets, portfolios, planners and so much more! We provide lots of unique ideas and systems to help you get organized, stay on track with your goals and work your business with confidence. Our creations are professionally created by our designer Andrea, who has a bachelors degree in Graphic Design.

gallery membership perks:

Cost effective

It’s just $15 a month to access EVERYTHING! No more paying for individual pieces of content when you have instant access to over 3,000 digital downloads at NO additional charge.


Every Monday we add new ideas and downloads to our Gallery. We send out an email that lets you know what new tools we released as well as provide you with tips and ideas on how to use them to grow your business.


No more paying over and over for the same files. Access the revised and updated download for free when MK prices, products and promotions change. Find something we missed? Let us know and we will revise it ASAP!


Most of our downloads can be edited to meet your needs. Our editable content has been created in Canva and can be utilized with a FREE Canva account. (Some older versions are editable PDFs)


Not a fan of Canva? That’s ok!
The majority of our content is also available to download straight from our Gallery without having to go through Canva.


The majority of our content ideas come from our Glam Fam – Beauty Consultants, Directors & Nationals just like you. When you are a Gallery Member, you can send us content requests for FREE!


Save room on your devices by printing and sending files straight from our Gallery.


No contracts, so you can cancel at any time. When you are a member, your $15 monthly fee is not only an investment in your business, but is also a tax write-off!

Your Gallery Membership gives you full access to our gallery of 3,000+ downloads and growing for only $15 a month! Plus — all Canva designs can be edited with a FREE Canva account!

  • Monthly Company Announcements & Promo Images
  • Product Tools
  • Branding Suite
  • Sampling Tools
  • Tracking Sheets
  • Closing Sheets
  • Hostess Packets & Promotions
  • Team Building Tools
  • Marketing Ideas & Projects
  • Portfolios
  • Tracking & Scheduling Planners
  • Social Media Posting Images
  • Facebook Party Graphics
  • Postcards
  • Conference and Event Tools
  • Booking Systems
  • Warm Chatting Tools
  • Education Packets
  • Recognition Templates
  • Invitation Templates
  • Digital Stickers for your story posts, reels/tiktoks & Canva designs
  • Referral Games
  • Stickers & Gift Tags
  • Holiday Tools
  • Contests & Challenges
  • Gift Certificates
  • Party Tools
  • PCP Resources
  • Before & After Images

and more!

Want to see what you get in our Gallery? Head over and check it out for yourself! You are able to see the example images of every download without having to log in. Once you start your Membership, you will instantly be able to start downloading the tools and using them!


for your business

Glam Boss Graphics is its own entity and is not affiliated with Mary Kay Inc.

Integrity is very important to us so we strive to always do our best to honor Mary Kay’s guidelines and provide you with affordable tools that have been created both professionally and ethically.


our boutique!

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