April Announcements

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Use this Announcement Flyer to promote the Company News with your Unit this month!

Achiever Templates

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You can edit this with your Consultant’s name and picture in Canva and post it for recognition. You can also swap out the Month and prize for each month!

Achievers Group Cover Photo

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You can use this as a cover photo in your unit Facebook Group to recognize your Powered by Pink Challenge Achievers! You can update directly in Canva!

April Promo Images

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Each month we will have our Monthly Promo Image Package that you can use to share the company’s promotions with your Team, Unit or just to have on hand for yourself! Each promo will have its own image and you can save all of them as JPEGs straight from our site, or you can use the Canva template and edit them. We have even given you the option to add your photo or Team/Unit/Area Logo to the image to personalize it and keep it on brand with your organization!

Easter Connection Card

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Use this Card when you are out and about making connections. You can hand it out as is, or you can put them in little goody bags. Get their contact info on the spot so that you can get them their Facial Kit and then use the Facial Kit as a booking tool to connect with them in person or virtually to walk them through how to use their Kit.

Oh Hoppy Day Sticker/Gift Tag

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Print the circle stickers on this Avery Template or the square cards on this Avery Template. You can also print them on sticker paper or cardstock and cut them out!

April Spring Collection Templates