Each week we add new tools to our Graphics Gallery for our Gallery Members to access. If you are not an active Gallery Member, you have the opportunity to SHOP that week’s Drop! The Drop will only be available to purchase for ONE WEEK.
We release new tools every Monday. Once the next release Drops on the following Monday, you can no longer purchase the previous Drop content separately. You will have to be a Gallery Member to access it like normal.
ALL of our Drops automatically go into our Gallery, so if you are a Gallery Member you do NOT need to Shop the Drop, because you already have access to the new tools + the other 3,000 downloads in our Gallery.
You will only be able to shop this week’s Drop until the following Monday @ Noon CT.

We recommend using your InTouch ID as your username – it’s the easiest thing for you to remember!

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Do I need to Shop the Drop if I am already a Gallery Member?

No, you already have access to all of the new releases in the Gallery.

Why can we only Shop the Drop for that week?

We chose to create our Gallery subscription to give everyone an affordable way to access professional tools for their business. Instead of selling our tools individually, we put them all in a Gallery so can download whatever you want. We have over 3,000 tools in our Gallery and add more every Monday, so we aren’t interested in creating an online store of our designs, but we understand that sometimes you just need that tool you saw in that week’s email, and we get that.

Who can Shop the Drop?

Anyone, except for Active Gallery Members, because they already have access to the Drop in the Gallery.

Who can become an all access pass gallery member?

Everyone! It is just $15 a month and you get EVERYTHING. You can cancel your membership at any time.

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