Helloooooooo gbg fam!

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to serve our incredible MK community in this way. Many of you know my story and how GBG came to be, but in case you don’t, I would love to share it with you! Andrea White who is the other owner of GBG, is a good friend of mine. She is a professional Graphics Designer by trade and has been the personal designer for my mom, Inner Circle National Stacy James, and myself for years.

I have grown up in Mary Kay all of my life. I came home from the hospital in a Pink Cadillac as a baby, and my kids have come home from the hospital in Pink Cadillacs as well. My blood runs PINK. I believe that growing up pink has given me this deep desire for the world to truly understand how uncommon our company and culture is. I want everyone to see our Mary Kay sales force as the classy and sophisticated business women that we are. For me, creating professional content that reflects our high standards is one of the ways I found I could do that. When I became a new Director in 2011, I decided that the actual designing of the content was not an income-producing activity for me, so I started paying Andrea a monthly retainer as my Graphic Designer to create all my content instead.

I am passionate about helping others find systems and strategies that allow them to run their businesses as effectively and efficiently as possible. Over the years I have created and defined my systems, so that I could teach them to my unit, my offspring, and my MK girlfriends. I would take my experience in the field, as well as the wisdom I have gained from my mom, and I would collaborate with Andrea to turn these lessons and ideas into tools. These projects became tools that I could not only use myself but I could also use to teach others. For those of you who know me, you know my mom and I have slightly different training styles haha. All of my life I have watched her in awe as she took command over every stage and inspired the socks off of anyone within earshot. I will never get tired of listening to her speak. However, I knew that my teaching style was a horse of a different color lol. Thankfully, our amazing culture in MK taught me not to compare my strengths to hers. Our pink environment allowed me to figure out where I could shine and run in my own gifts. Creating content and tools that people can use with their strategies and systems was my wheelhouse. So when I train, I like to leave people with something visible that they can print or save, and put into action. I have found that we are more likely to act on new concepts and ideas when we have a tool of some kind… a tracking sheet to go off of, a flyer to hand out or an image to post/text. 

By 2015 Andrea and I had created hundreds of pieces of content. I had multiple people asking me if I could send them the different portfolios, projects, and packets we had made. My assistant had a running list of which files she needed to email to which people each week. Our unit had just wrapped up Half Million and had our first round of offspring Directors. In 2016 I had my first baby and my time started to become even more precious. I came up with the idea for Andrea to take all of the tools we had created and upload them to a website to make it easily accessible for those who wanted them. It became quite the project to build a website that could house hundreds of downloads like that, so we concluded that she could charge a small membership fee for those who wanted access to all of our creations, and that would help her cover her time and expenses to run it.

In 2017 GBG was born! I continued coming up with the content for Andrea to design for me, and add to the GBG Gallery. Our arrangement was that I no longer had to pay her to create my ideas 😉, and my unit would also have access to my content at no cost to them. 

During the pandemic, the MK world experienced a major shift in how we were working our businesses. When everything went virtual, the doors opened up really wide for us to be able to connect and work with people all over the country in ways that we had never even thought of before. This was such a new and exciting way to work our businesses that I started coming up with tons of content ideas, strategies, and systems that I wanted Andrea to create.

From 2020 – 2023 I focused on helping my unit, and my MK girlfriends navigate the new virtual MK world and taught them some of my ideas and strategies using the tools Andrea and I would create. During that time, I started to recognize that there was also a need for better digital resources and platforms for us to use to manage and run our businesses. We needed better-organized technology that allows us to work our business professionally, both in person and virtually. So in 2023 God laid on my heart that we needed to take our creations up a few notches and construct something new. During this time, God started opening some BIG doors, allowing Andrea and I to come together and partner with a team of software developers to start down a path of creating a new platform and resources that our MK community desperately needs!

These plans led me to be in communication with both the head of Mary Kay’s IT Department and the head of Mary Kay’s Legal Department about everything we have been building. Both of these departments are very excited about our plans and gave me the go-ahead to launch when we are ready! This incredible opportunity would not have been possible without their support and approval, and I am grateful for their trust in my ability to perform both roles as an owner of GBG and a leader in MK. My mission is to see Mary Kay thrive for many more pink generations to come, and it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve all of you in this capacity! 

 I appreciate you giving me grace as I navigate this new role. You are welcome to reach out to me if you have any questions for me specifically. If you have questions about the website or your account, please continue reaching out to the GBG office.

We will release more info about the Pink Suite we are building as we get closer to launching. In the meantime, if you would like to be on the list to be notified and to learn more, you can join that list below. Your support means the world to us!

Love & Lipstick, 

Whitney Wemhoff

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