Print these off and frame them for your Consultant’s to hold for recognition, or models to hold for their “after” picture.

Driving FREE & Fabulous


My 1st FREE Car!

Thank you MK!

Yes YOU Can!

My Mom has a Goal

Future Beauty Consultant


Goal Digger

Beauty & Hustle

Queen of Sales

Queen of Sharing

Queen of Booking

Star Team Builder

Team Leader

On Target for My Car

Earning My First FREE Car

Future Director

Director in Qualification

Director Bound

I'm a Rockstar

Beauty Consultants

Senior Consultants

Ain't No Party Like a MK Party

A MK Party don't Stop

I like to Party

I'm So Fancy

Makeovers that Matter

Party with a Purpose

I Experienced a 3D Miracle

I Experienced a Miracle

Miracle 3D Movement

3D Beauty

3D Skincare




Defend, Delay, & Deliver

Love Your Skin

I Believe in Miracles