4 Areas Marketing Plan Worksheet

4 Areas the Opportunity Transforms Lives

Use this worksheet at your interviews to walk your prospect through the 4 areas that this business can transform their life. Share about each aspect of the business and have them mark off the boxes in each area that appeal to them. It is also a great tool to use at a goal-setting and career path coaching session with your consultant to help them learn the breakdown of the commission structure. 

Idea Cred: NSD Stacy James

TIP: Have the person you are in front of write the numbers into the “Income Potential” section themselves and take their own notes on this paper to keep for themselves. They will understand it better and retain it better if they write it themselves. This also comes in handy when they go home to their spouse to try and share what they learned. Attach your contact info label from our Branding Suite to the back of each sheet- this way they will always know how to reach you if this sheet gets tucked away and they find it down the road.