Boundless Blue Fragrance Card

Print these Fragrance Sample Cards on Card Stock and cut them out or print on Avery 35702.

There are multiple ways you can use them!

  1. Spray the card with the coordinating scent to sample it. This works great if you are doing a vendor booth or demoing the fragrance on the spot at an appointment. You can also sample it this way and stick it in a small zipper baggie to seal in the scent OR just spray it and stick it in your client’s order so her whole bag smells amazing! Another fun idea is to spray the card and put it inside a birthday/thank you/anniversary card or a mailer to a client or even a team member!
  2. If your fragrance sample will be traveling long distances, you could also soak a cotton pad with the fragrance and stick it in a baggie and then attach the card to the baggie.
  3. If you are using a pre made fragrance sample from MK, these cards will also compliments them well and you can include the card with the sample.