Full Back Hostess Program Coupon

Full Back Coupon

You can use this as a hostess program to invite guests back to your next event or schedule their follow-up with friends immediately. You can choose to give them the amount they spent with you that day, back in free product, when they get back together with you within the next week and bring at least 3 friends.

EX: They spend $100 with you that day and then they can pick out another $100 in free product as their hostess reward at their next session with you. It is kind of like a backwards hostess program… They are spending the money upfront with you and it incentivizes them to shop that day because the more they spend, the more they get free! You can also find our “HALF Back” Coupon if you don’t want to give them everything back in free product.

Idea Cred: Amie Christly