Inventory Chart + Store Levels New Consultant

This page gives your New Consultant an estimate on the different levels of inventory they can choose from. The chart starts with the Sapphire store which is the first “profit level” option that does not require them to reinvest more of their profit to build up their inventory if they do not wish to do so. The top store option is a “Full Store” that gives them the ability to have the full-sized cosmetics and brush sets to demo if they choose. {It does not give them additional free product from the company, but you can offer additional incentives yourself if you would like}.
The Gain is an estimate if they sold all of their inventory at the Retail value {doubling their investment} and includes an estimate of the tax they would recover and the value of the free product. {Taxes also vary by state so remind your Consultant that this is just an estimate}
The checkmarks demonstrate an example of which products each store would allow them to have on hand.