Miracle Set Product Cards

These product cards are perfect for including in your customer’s order or for attaching to a sample of that product. You can use our ready-to-print PDF with all of the cards together on a sheet, or you can personalize the card Images in Canva first. After you have personalized the product card Images in Canva – you can download them as JPEGS. Then use our Square Drop-in Template on our “Canva Drop-In Templates” page in our Graphics Gallery to put all of your personalized images onto a sheet to be printed. You will also find a tutorial video there on how to do this.

There are multiple ways you can use them!

  • Print these product cards on card stock and cut them out, or print them on Avery Template 35702 to easily tear your product cards from the sheet. Then stick them in the bag, box, mailer, or pack you are putting together.
  • You can also print them on a sheet of sticker paper and cut them out with scissors, or the 2.5-inch square crafting hole punch you can find on our Glam Boss Buys Page on our website. Stickers allow you to stick the product card to a box, mailer, sample, or goodie bag.
  • Another option is to download the design as a JPEG and share it with your customers by posting it in your VIP Group, texting it, or emailing it.
  • If you are personalizing the card Images in Canva, you can also create a qr code that directs the person to the page on YOUR MK website that talks about that product. Add the picture of the qr code to the product images so they can scan it and head straight to your site and order!

Spanish Version available in the Canva Template!