Seminar Packet

Directors and Nationals – use this Seminar Packet with your Unit/Area. This option is ONLY in Canva, because it has to be personalized to align with your Unit/Area plans. You can send out some of the pages to provide info about Seminar and rally your organization to register for Seminar, and then other pages you can send out once they have already registered. In this file, you will find pieces of Whitney Wemhoff’s Seminar Packet she uses. It starts out with a letter from you to your Unit/Area. The letter is very similar to the one Whitney uses but can be edited to fit you. It gives you a place to start, so that you can change parts of the Packet or completely rewrite it to fit you. We have also included plenty of spaces for your to drop your own photos in from previous Seminar years, to help you paint the picture of the magic of Seminar!