Snow Sale / Freezing Digits Deal Story Images

We have two different Sale ideas that you can choose from. You can of course edit them to say something different if you would like. For example – we made the sale for Skin Care only, but you could change that to be a different category of product, all products, or limit it to only what you have on hand!

The first option allows you to put the temp for that day and stick with it all day. The second option requires you to update the image as the temp goes down during the day and post updates in your VIP group. This idea requires a bit more work, but it also drives attention to your FB group and encourages people not to wait to order because the discount will decrease the later it gets.

We also have a Regular Image option and an Animated Image option for each idea that you can choose from.

Decide which option you would like to use and personalize it the way you want.