Great Start Tools

Our Great Start Tools have been created to help you walk your new consultants through their Great Start journey in a way that allows them to focus on one thing at a time and keep their eye on the first deadline that is in front of them. We have created multiple different resources you can use to educate your newbie and keep important reminders in front of them. You can use our tools with any communication style you prefer- whether you want to print things out for a physical packet, mail out postcard reminders or share things digitally in a text, email, or social post. We have you covered! We encourage the new consultant to work closely with their Director and remind them that these bonuses are a once in a career opportunity.

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Great Start Tools Lunch & Learn Training

This 33 min video is a playback from the Live Training Whitney Wemhoff did in our Facebook group, to teach you how to use all of our Great Start Tools with your new consultants.

Great Start Flyer

This flyer provides an overview of the Great Start Program and outlines some of the benefits for new consultants during their Great Start Program. You can include this in your new consultant packets and mailers. You can also share it with them digitally.

Great Start Tracking

New consultants can track their way to success and maximize all of their rewards during their Great Start period with these tracking sheets! It also outlines their commission structure as they build their team.

Great Start Landing Pages

We have created 3 different Landing Pages for you to direct your new consultants to as they go on their Great Start journey!

{A Landing Page is a single website page that you can share as a URL link.}

These pages are linked via a QR code in our Great Start postcards & images, but can also be shared as the link itself in a text or a message to your new consultant.

{A QR Code can be used by opening the camera on your phone and holding it up to the QR Code. A link should appear that they can click on and it will open up as a website page in their browser.}

We strategically broke everything out into 3 different Landing Pages so that the new consultant could focus on just the info they needed to take the step that was in front of them.

Ready Set Sell 

This page has all of the information on it to help your new consultant move forward with the first “Ready Set Sell” Phase of their Great Start Journey. Here they will be reminded to place their initial inventory order in their first 15 days to maximize all of the free product they can get. It will also break down the different Inventory levels for them. The content that we create encourages them to connect with their Director to place their first order and stresses that this first phase of bonuses is ONLY available with the initial order and once that first order is placed, those free product bundles are off the table.

Ready Set Keep Selling 

After your new consultant has placed their initial order, they have moved onto the next phase of their journey. This might happen right away in month 1 or maybe in month 2 depending on when they started their business. This page will walk them through how the “Ready Set Keep Selling” bonuses work.

Team Building 

This page focuses on the Team Building bonuses and rewards that are available for your new consultant to start taking advantage of on day 1 of their business all the way through month 4 of their journey.


The Ready Set Sell page is also a great tool to use during a new consultant orientation! You can pull it up on a tablet if you are with them in person, share your screen if you are on a video conference, or have them pull it up on their computer to look at it with you if you are on the phone.

Great Start Postcards

We have a postcard created for each month of your new consultant’s Great Start Journey. The first month has a place for you to put their 15 day deadline for them. The 2nd month has two versions – one that has a place for their 15 day deadline and one that has a place for their Great Start deadline depending on when the new consultant signed up. If they signed up on the last day of the month- then they still need the 15 day deadline reminder. The month 3 and month 4 postcards both have the Great Start deadline on them.

The deadline section can be edited in Canva so that you can type the actual date in OR if you want to have a bunch of postcards pre-printed and ready to use- you can delete the date text box and then write the date in the circle with a pen or marker when you go to send the postcard.

We have also created two postcard BACK options that you would print on the other side of the postcard. This allows you to personalize it to your specific consultant based on which part of the month they started their business and if they have placed their initial inventory order yet or not…

Here are some EXAMPLES:

Julie starts her business on the last day of the month which still counts as her “month 1”, so the postcard you would want to send her would technically be the “Month 2” postcard but she needs the version that has the 15 day deadline on the FRONT of the postcard, and then she needs the BACK of the postcard that has the QR Code that takes her to the “Ready Set Sell” Landing Page so she can see all the bonuses that come with her FIRST order.

Katie starts her business the beginning of the month and places her inventory order right away so in her 2nd month you would send the month 2 postcard that has her Great Start deadline on the FRONT and the BACK that has the QR code for the “Ready Set KEEP Selling” page that explains her next round of free product bonuses.

Becky starts in the middle of the month and she misses out on her extra free product that comes with her 15 day deadline and hasn’t placed her first order yet. So in her 2nd month you would send the month 2 postcard for the Great Start deadline reminder FRONT and the QR code for the “Ready Set Sell” landing page.

Kaitlyn places and active order in her first month and misses out on the first round of free product so in her 2nd month you send her the month 2 postcard that has her Great Start deadline on the FRONT and the BACK that has the QR code for the “Ready Set KEEP Selling” page that explains her next round of free product bonuses.

Mia is taking her sweet time and she misses out on her first round of free product bonuses completely and is in her 3rd month but hasn’t placed an initial order yet. You would send her the month 3 postcard for the QR code for the “Ready Set KEEP Selling” page.


Since our postcards have a variety of options for the front & back side – we only have the Canva file so that you can personalize the postcards with your contact information. This is important so that your consultant can easily connect with you to help them place their inventory order.

To print the postcards at home:



Once you personalize your postcards and choose which front and back combination you want- you will save out the image of the front and the back as a JPEG.


Duplicate the page inside of the Canva design so that you have a template page for the front side of the postcard and the back side.


Upload the front and back JPEG images you just downloaded back into Canva.


Drop the front image into each of the 4 photo drop-in frames and then do the same thing with the back image into the 2nd template page.


Download both pages as a PDF and print them double-sided on Avery postcards or on card stock and cut them out.

To have them professionally printed for you – You can save the JPEG of the front and back images that you want and upload the images to your favorite print shop to have them print it for you instead of using the drop-in template and printing them yourself.

Great Start images

Use these images with your new consultant to remind them of their deadlines and to keep their bonuses in front of them. You can text them, email them, and post them with their Reco images in your Unit Facebook Group. There is an image for each month of their Great Start period as well as images for additional reminders. The images contain QR codes for the coordinating landing pages, but you can also include the link to the pages with your images when you share them with your consultant.

The month 2 images have two versions – one with a QR code that takes them to the Ready Set Sell info if they have not placed their initial order yet and the other takes them to the Ready Set KEEP Selling info if they have already placed their order.

Month 3 & 4 images take them to the Ready Set KEEP Selling info.

Great Start Recognition Templates

Use these templates to recognize your consultants as they earn bonuses during their Great Start journey. You can edit the number of bonuses they have earned on the image each time they achieve a new one and post it in your Unit Facebook Group.


You could even include the amount of retail products they have received for free from the company so far. You could also post this reco on their personal FB page for their friends and family to see that they are earning rewards with their new business!

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