Glam Boss Graphics is passionate about operating out of a Go Give Spirit and supporting other Women in Business. We partner with Sales Directors on up to National Sales Directors, as well as Virtual Assistants and other Service Providers in the industry. Our Partners are allowed to utilize our GBG downloads for their organization to provide their members with tools that will benefit each of their individual businesses. The Partnership Subscription was created so that GBG materials could bless even more Independent Beauty Consultants, as well as other independent businesses. We believe in working together to make an even greater impact.

Our GBG membership service allows beauty business owners to have convenient unlimited access to professional tools to build their business and be their own boss. Their subscription gives them hundreds of pieces of content and growing, for just $12 a month, with no contracts. We strive to be as flexible and as Go Give as we can, while still being able to provide excellent service, materials and support for our members. The only way that our small business can continue blessing other businesses is by keeping our subscription policy intact.

Subscribers are not allowed to share paid content with any non-members. GBG content is not allowed to be uploaded or made available on any other website, without permission.

Our Partnership Subscribers are allowed more freedom and are able to share our content, with their Virtual Assistant Clients or Unit/Area. ​

As a Partnership Subscriber you will have a subscription of $100 a month, giving you the ability to use paid content with your clients and organization. There are no contracts, however you must discontinue the use of any GBG material you are using for your business or organization upon unsubscribing.

Login information cannot be shared. If multiple devices try to access the site simultaneously, it will cause your login to be locked out. Approved forms of using the selected material consist of Email, Private Facebook Groups for your clients/unit/area and Printed Material. Additional forms of use may also be requested.

As a Partner you are able to submit ideas for us to create new GBG content for you at no charge. Content requests by Partners will be made priority over other requests.