Pink Week Tools

Our PINK Week Tools have been created to give you ideas and options when it comes to your PINK Week strategy! Whether you prefer to run PINK Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday specials individually, or you like to do an entire PINK Week event, we have tools for all of it! You might enjoy doing the same thing every year or you may prefer to change things up from year to year. Whatever style you choose, we pride ourselves on giving you options! Check out some of our options below, including our PINK Week Strategy we have put together for you if you would like some marketing tips and tricks!

Individual Flyers and Sale Images

Choose from a variety of different flyers and sale images for PINK Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. You can choose the type of sale you want to run and edit the files in Canva to fit your specific promotion.

Pink Week Flyer

Turn your PINK Friday into a PINK Week! Run a PINK Week the week of Thanksgiving, starting on that Monday and going through the end of Cyber Monday. Use this flyer to promote your PINK Week sale with your clients. We include a flyer for you to use on your personal social media platforms that promotes your upcoming PINK Week and attracts people to follow your Business Page or join your VIP Client Group to find the deals. Then there is also a flyer that has the deals ON it that you can use to text, email, print & post in your Client VIP Group or Business Page. Use this flyer along with our PINK Week posting images we have created for you.

Pink Week Posting Images

Each day during your PINK Week you will post a PINK Week posting image. You can decide if that special is just for that day only or if they have until the end of your PINK Week to take advantage of it. There is an image for each day, including Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. On Black Friday they can get a FREE brush collection if they join your team. If they do an eStart they basically get $15 off a brush set by paying the $35 to sign up. If they start with the starter kit – they get over $400 worth of stuff in the kit PLUS an additional $56 FREE by getting their free brush collection from you… No brainer! Use these images along with the PINK Week flyer to give your clients an even better deal.

Pink week Strategy:

When it comes to your PINK Week sale, you will want to promote it, promote it, and promote it some more… before you actually start running it… For the best results, you do not want to just post the sale or the images once PINK Week arrives… talk it up first. Utilize email, text, social media platforms, and your stories to draw interest. ATTRACT people to join your FB group, your business page, and your email/text list to get the specials. Do not post the actual sale images on your personal pages because they have sale prices on them, BUT you CAN talk about the promo you will be doing on your personal platforms & stories to draw attention and direct people to your business page and group.

Use the promo post & story images we created to post, text, email, and promote your PINK Week or PINK Friday special BEFORE Pink Friday/Week is here.



Set the date that you will run the promo and allow people to request to be tagged in the posts or be added to your text/email campaign that will be sent out each day with that day’s special.


Utilize all of those avenues to send out the specials. Text and email them out to the people who requested it, as well as post them in your group every day.


In the caption of your sale posts put more info about the product and share personal testimony/experience if you have any. Include before & after pictures you find of the product with your post.

The biggest mistake we make is just posting about something and hoping for a response. You haaaaave to market it and send out multiple messages before, during, and after your promos. You also need to use multiple avenues of communication to promote it (text, email, social pages, groups & stories). Think about how your favorite retailers market their products and promos. It’s more than just a couple Facebook posts in a VIP group… 😉

Pink Week Facebook Cover

Use this Facebook Cover on your Personal and/or Business Pages, in your VIP Group and/or in a PINK Week Event or Group you create. Use it in advance to promote PINK Week as well as during the event itself.

Pink Week Pampering Image

Use this image to encourage people to book sessions with you before your PINK Friday or PINK Week specials so that you can still get in front of people before your big sale. You can decide if you want to let them shop your sale early at their appointment or what kind of incentive you want to give them during PINK Week or PINK Friday.

Pink Week Promo Images

Use these super fun images to strategically promote your PINK Week or PINK Friday! These images are editable in Canva so you can change them to say “PINK Friday” instead of “PINK Week” if you would like. Most people need to see things multiple times before they act, so make sure you are posting on all platforms about your upcoming PINK promos. You do not want to post the actual sale on your personal social media, but you can promote that you have a sale coming up and encourage your audience to join your VIP group/page or email/text list to see your sale.

Pink Week Count Down Images

Use these Images to count down to your PINK Friday or PINK Week sale! You can post them the 5 days leading up to your sale by themselves, or you can pair them with our PINK Week Promo Images. They are created in Canva so you can change “PINK Week” to “PINK Friday” if you would like.

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