New Year Sale Template

New Year New Look Template

Pick Your Tree Promo

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Post this on social media to have your clients pick a tree to reveal their prize! You choose what the prize is for each number – and then message them with their deal! 

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The Big Game Football Pool

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Use this game with your customers leading up to the Big Game! For every $10 they spend with you – they are eligible to put their name in a square.   At the end of each quarter you find the winner by taking the end of the score and finding the square-  ex) Score is 21-7, the winner is in box 1-7. The prize is $25 in product. 
You can use our editable PDF and type in the names into each square and save the file, you can print it out and write them all in, or edit directly in Canva! 

The Big Game Winner Image

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Use this template to enter your winners at the end of each quarter and post on social media for your customers! You can use our editable PDF and type it in, or edit in Canva to enter the winner’s names. 

Groundhog Day Sale Post

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Post the Sale Announcement Image before Feb. 2nd announcing the two options for your sale depending on what the Groundhog sees- then a followup Sale image to post! We have Canva Templates and JPEGs for all options! 

March Madness Challenge

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Use this Challenge with your Consultants during March Madness! Challenge  them to complete 15 interviews and place a $600 Wholesale order  to receive a prize. 

Idea cred: Kristen Sharpe

Go for the Gold Challenge

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Challenge your Unit this month with this Go for the Gold Challenge! We have a PDF or JPEG for you, OR you can open up the Canva Template and edit the document yourself!